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Richmond / Lenox EMS (RLEMS) is a municipally owned EMS agency that has been providing service since 1975. Richmond Township and Lenox Township are the joint owners.

RLEMS contracts service to the City of Richmond, City of Memphis, Village of New Haven, Casco Township, Columbus Township, Riley Township and Wales Township. The EMS answers over 5,000 calls for service each year. 


Richmond / Lenox EMS Facts

Training Levels

  • Basic EMT (Basic Life Support Ambulance) - Minimum of 280 hours
  • Paramedic (Advanced Life Support Ambulance) - Minimum of 950 hours

Cost for Operation of Each Advanced Life Support Ambulance

  • Richmond Lenox EMS Annual Cost - $480,000 per Ambulance

Average Response Times

  • Richmond Lenox EMS average response time - 6.75 minutes

Number of Vehicles

  • The EMS operates 7 Advanced Life Support Ambulances.
  • The EMS operates 4 Basic Life Support and First Response Vehicle.
  • The EMS operates a Special Operations Trailer and a Search and Rescue ATV.