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Cost of Services

Richmond and Lenox Township residents as well as those living in the Village of New Haven and St. Clair County pay little to no out of pocket cost for 911 ambulance service.

Richmond Township and Lenox Township residents including persons living in the Village of New Haven, receive ambulance service with no out-of-pocket cost when Richmond Lenox EMS responds. In other words, when a resident of these 3 communities calls 911, their insurance company may be billed. However, the cost of any co-payment, deductible, or uncovered service is absorbed through subsidies paid by the Townships of Richmond and Lenox, consequently, the resident pays nothing out of pocket for ambulance service. 

In St. Clair County, where the EMS serves Riley, Wales, and Columbus, a milage is paid and residents pay no co-payment for 911 emergency/responses provided, by Richmond Lenox EMS.

The Ambulance Authority also contracts to provide EMS for the City of Richmond, Memphis, and the Township of Ray. These communities pay no subside to the EMS. Subsequently, their resident’s insurance is billed and patients must pay any unpaid balance, including required deductibles, and co-payments, associated with Ambulance response.