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Local Employee Transporation 

Like many businesses today, finding and retaining employees in the current environment is a challenge. In many cases, those who are willing and able to work may be experiencing transportation issues. If your business is having difficulties finding employees due to transportation issues, Richmond Lenox is here to help.

Known for providing emergency medical services, Richmond Lenox EMS, also provides transportation services for the general public, as well as older adults and people with disabilities, including local residents who are unable to drive to their job.

Our service area covers these local communities helping to expand the pool of potential employees for your business:

  • Macomb Twp.
  • Richmond City & Twp.
  • Lenox Twp.
  • New Haven Armada Village & Twp.
  • Memphis Chesterfield Twp.
  • New Baltimore
  • Ray Twp.
  • Clinton Twp. (Beginning July 2024)