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Stations / Equipment & Response Times

RLEMS operates out of 4 stations (2 in Richmond Township, 1 in Lenox Township and another in Riley-St. Clair County) with 7 Advanced Life Support units, and 4 medical rescue vehicles. 911 calls are dispatched through long standing agreements with the Macomb and St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department as well as the City of Richmond.

Station # 1 (headquarters) is located on 32 Mile Rd in Richmond Township (built in 2017), Station # 2 (built in 1999) is located in the Richmond Township Offices on School Section Rd in Richmond Township, Station # 3 (built in 2003) is located next to the Lenox Township Fire Station # 1 and the Lenox Township Department of Public Works Building on Gratiot Ave. Station #4 is located in Riley Township on M-19 between Richmond and Memphis.

Each EMS station is equipped with full living quarters for personnel, operational offices including radios/internet, maintenance bays for our vehicles, and exercise equipment. All EMS stations have back up power supply generators.

The EMS also has a special operations trailer equipped for mass casualty and care including an all-terrain vehicle for rescue situations.

EMS response times are under 9 minutes and the quality of care our staff provides exceeds industry standards.