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Letter from the Chief

Residents of the Richmond Lenox EMS Service Area,
At a recent Township Board meeting I was asked whether or not all ambulances were the same? It is my belief the answer surprised both the Board Members and the citizens in the audience. For this reason I decided to take an opportunity to outline the difference between Basic Life Support ambulances and Advanced Life Support ambulances in the information which follows.
Richmond Lenox EMS is owned jointly by Richmond Township and Lenox Township and has been operating since 1975. This model of shared community service has kept our cost at a minimum and allowed us to reinvest the revenues we receive from billing insurance companies, into the personnel and equipment necessary to provide Advanced Life Support to a number of communities.
In this area we are fortunate that all emergency services provided by the Richmond Lenox EMS Ambulance Authority are all at the Advanced Life Support level. Each unit is staffed by employees who have many years of experience and a call volume which insures they have the expertise to perform the highly technical  procedures, necessary to save lives. In contrast, due to the cost of providing Advanced Life Support and the difficulty in retaining qualified personnel. Many communities in our state provide only basic life support ambulances, staffed by technicians at the lowest level of EMS licensing.
Therefore, on behalf of all those we are called to serve I would like to say thank you, as it is only through the continued support of your communities that Richmond Lenox EMS is able to provide the highest level of EMS service allowed by law, at the least cost possible.
Jeffery R. White